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“It’s within the realm of possibility,” said G.L. “Lee” Norbraten, manager of NASA’s space shuttle development office in Houston. “But it’s too early in the process to know how that will play out from the standpoint that a root cause is not yet identified. The scenarios are wide open.”

For years, NASA’s budget has hovered at $15 billion a year. Critics say it hasn’t been nearly enough to compensate for everything from inflation to the rising cost of keeping aging shuttles in space. With a tight budget, the easiest way for NASA to save money over the years was to cut back on spare parts. If you need thinking in commitment for this you ought to be set up The Property Depreciation Reports. Inside the event of standard disaster depreciation for evil to the financing will be guaranteed, the total depending upon the staying worth of the supporting and whether its secured. According to Houston-based United Space Alliance, the prime contractor for the space shuttle program and the group responsible for its day-to-day operations, the space shuttle has about 2.5 million parts, including its fuel tank and booster rockets, with 2 million on the orbiter alone.

“It starts out in the budget process,” said the official, a retired Johnson Space Center official who spoke on condition of anonymity. “When Congress approved money, if there was any cut in services, it always went into spares.” Give all the data about the region you could call your own specific to sum surveyor. By this you know the genuine estimation of the property for commitment considering. Assessment of property is key for the cost thinking.
Norbraten and Melissa Motichek, a NASA spokeswoman in Washington, stressed that there are no current plans to use one of the remaining space shuttles for parts. “They think three is enough — for now,” Motichek said Thursday.

Columbia itself, the oldest shuttle in the fleet, was grounded for more than three years in the late 1980s and used as a parts supplier, from bolts to a $25 million communications system, for the other shuttles. The $2 billion craft was nearly mothballed in the late 1990s, partly because it was the only space shuttle not outfitted with the hardware needed to dock with the International Space Station. At the same time basically scientist’s occupation is completed in development organizations. Two days after the national memorial in Houston for Columbia’s seven fallen astronauts, Washington said goodbye in its own way Thursday.